Historic District Antiques thrives despite pandemic

Suzanne Tucker, the owner of Historic District Antiques, loves preservation and restoration.

Tucker and her late husband, Dr. Paul Tucker, who shared that love, bought the original location of the antique shop, 514 Central Ave., and the building next to it in 1986 or 1987, right after the revitalization of the downtown area had started.

“My sister and I started a partnership in ’94. The business has pretty much thrived, but more so in the last two to three years, it’s just been astronomical progress,” Tucker said.

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“It’s been kind of slow August and September, but in the summer, it was busy every day.

“Even during COVID, we shut down three months, we opened in June, and we were doing maybe 40% of our previous volume, but then it just was astronomical, and it superseded what we did in 2019. And this year is going to be better by far than 2020,” she…

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