House passes veterans contraception, LGBTQ business bills previously blocked by GOP

The House passed two bills on Thursday to promote credit fairness for LGBT-owned businesses and ensure that veterans can access contraceptive health care without copays, after both measures failed to advance under an expedited process last week.

House Democratic leaders had scheduled votes on the two bills last week under a fast-track process used for bipartisan legislation that requires a two-thirds supermajority for passage, since they were under the impression that Republicans would support them.

But Republicans largely opposed both bills, resulting in the measures falling short of the necessary supermajority for passage and prompting Democrats to take them up again this week under a process only requiring a simple majority for passage.

In both cases, the top Republicans on the respective committees of jurisdiction supported the bills while the majority of the GOP conference did not.

One of the bills, which would ensure that veterans can access…

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