How a boost from Beyoncé helped sustain her skin care business

Yewande Masi had already made the tough decision to pivot her business away from hair extensions at the end of 2019, but the Northeastern graduate had no idea how important her decision to focus on skin care and self-care would be in 2020.

Photos courtesy of Yewande Masi

It took a pep talk from Masi’s sisters, combined with a breakup with her boyfriend, to give the 2009 criminal justice graduate a new focus that served her when the COVID-19 virus shut down many brick-and-mortar businesses in March 2020.

“My sisters knew that hair extensions were my passion, but they suggested I put it aside and focus on my homemade skin care, which a lot of people were requesting,” says Masi, who had created her signature lotion for the boyfriend she would eventually break up with.

“I was thinking about the rebrand and doing a bunch of inner self work because I realized the boyfriend I was in love with just wasn’t going to work out for…

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