How business can build people-powered climate action

  • There is a growing desire among citizens to engage in climate action.
  • By engaging their stakeholders in effective and meaningful action, companies can hasten our collective journey to net zero.
  • Businesses can create “eco-consumers” who seek concrete results from corporate action on climate change.

As a French-Peruvian, I have been proud to see avocados, grapes, mangoes, asparagus and, more recently, blueberries from Peru flooding fruit and vegetable sections of supermarkets across Europe. The agro-industrial revolution taking place in Peru is impressive.

But there is another side to this success story. Growing these products requires an enormous amount of water, which in some places is available thanks to major infrastructure projects transferring water from the Amazon basin to the Pacific coastal areas and in others comes from rivers and underground water fed by the Andes’ glaciers. Owing to climate change,…

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