How Business Creation Can Play A Vital Role In The Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

Superdry was founded by Julian Dunkerton – a recipient of the previous more generous Enterprise … [+] Allowance Scheme (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Superdry)


This week, we at The Entrepreneurs Network released a report with Sage showing how new business creation could play a vital role in the U.K.’s post-pandemic economic recovery and the wider levelling up agenda.

On the back of extensive polling and focus groups in London’s three most deprived boroughs, and six of Newcastle’s most deprived wards, we found that within these communities starting a business and becoming your own boss is seen as a route to a better life—both in terms of income and wellbeing.

There is huge untapped potential for people to start to earn independently, to be their own boss and potentially create new businesses, with nearly half of respondents coming up with an idea for a business or side-hustle unprompted. That means that just within…

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