How Business Finance Plays An Essential Part Of Business, Especially During Growth Years

When businesses are starting up, many business owners often find themselves wishing for more sales and faster growth. But not all growth is created equally.

Jenna Meek and Jess Hunt are the co-founders of REFY, a cosmetics company that is on a mission to redefine beauty. The global beauty industry is one of the most competitive markets out there, projected to be worth $390 billion in the next three years.


Jess Hunt and Jenna Meek


During what was a turbulent time for many brands, the pair founded the innovative beauty brand in November 2020. As beauty lovers the world over were stripping back their makeup routines during national lockdowns in favour of a more natural, subtle look, REFY came onto the scene offering a uniquely simple way to achieve the ‘no makeup makeup’ look, and consumers responded, buying over 100,000 units of their now best-selling Brow Sculpt product in the first six weeks and ensuring an…

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