How COVID-19 Changed Business Schools Forever

Carlson Classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted nearly every industry.

Business schools, in particular, were hit hard and the impact of the pandemic will have lasting effects. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about some positive changes as well. Chris Stokel-Walker of Bloomberg recently spoke to experts on how the pandemic has changed B-school operations for good.


The pandemic forced business schools to close their campuses in March 2020. Universities varied in their tactics for a return to campus. For the most part, class sizes shrunk as hybrid learning models and social distancing were prioritized.

At Oxford Saïd, class sizes were cut in half – from 80 to 40 students per class – to enable proper social distancing. As universities and colleges open their campuses this fall, Oxford has decided to keep class sizes small.

“That’s in line with how Oxford sees teaching, which is very much conversation- and…

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