How Michigan hopes to make small marijuana business ownership more accessible

Sun Provisions in Decatur is a little, family-owned marijuana shop with an extraction lab in the back.

The display cases feature six brands of flower, a couple rows of vaping cartridges and few flavors of gummies. There’s a 150-plant grow and trimming area in the basement.

Everything is done in-house. It’s one of only a few marijuana microbusinesses that exist in Michigan.

“It’s been a struggle,” said Helen Sun, 33, Sun Provisions operations manager and daughter of the owner. “We came really close to having to restructure, but we were able to squeeze by and make it from one harvest to another.

“I think we’ll be OK, but the difference between feast and famine is going to be allowing us to grow and do more.”

Michigan marijuana regulators say they want the industry to be inclusive — a place where an average entrepreneur can thrive — not just a playground for corporate money and deep-pocketed financiers.

This is why the so-called…

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