How One Startup Helped Web Creators’ Online Business Thrive In The New Covid-19 Reality

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The emergence of Covid-19 drove brick and mortar business owners to quickly realize the necessity of professional online presence. As offering services in person became obsolete and online e-commerce became the safest way to purchase goods, professional web creators became the unsung heroes, building efficient online websites, and ultimately saving many businesses from ruin during the pandemic.


Recently I interviewed Yoni Luksenberg, the CEO and founder of Elementor, the leading open source website builder platform. Yoni founded the company alongside Ariel Klikstein, in 2016, with a vision to create the ultimate platform for professional web creators to utilize their full potential through open source WordPress, and establish their own design skills and businesses, building professional websites for their own customers.

I asked Yoni to discuss how Elementor is providing web…

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