How Sandusky businesses are effected by Cedar Point closures

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point has had to close some weekdays in June due to staffing problems. They have increased their starting pay to $20 an hour in the hopes of hiring more people. 

What You Need To Know

  • Cedar Point was forced to close select weekdays in June due to staffing shortage 
  • The amusement park has increased wages to entice potential employees
  • Local businesses are feeling the effects of fewer tourists in the area 

Local business owners are starting to feel the effect of fewer people at the amusement park in Sandusky during the week.

Kim Mazur is the owner of Fabulous Female Boutique in downtown Sandusky.

She said the summer is known as the tourist season in the area. 

“Tourist season is really busy, very much so like a Christmas season,” Mazur explained. “Having some of our local venues really struggling to stay open really does effect us.” 

This local boutique is a staple in Sandusky. Mazur has been in business for…

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