How This Plant-Based Duo Is Building Their Profitable Business

When thinking of starting a new business, is a digital based business the best way to go? How can you monetize a digital based business, and what do you need to know? Alex Caspero and Whitney English, co-founders of Plant-Based Juniors, have become experts in the space with their joint venture.

Both were already business owners before they met, and as dieticians and moms of young children, they noticed a gap in the market for parents who wanted to introduce more plant-based foods to their kids. There just wasn’t enough information out there.

Recognizing the need in the market they joined forces to build their brand Plant-Based Juniors.

Alex Caspero and Whitney English

Lani Ohye

Monetizing the new business quickly was a priority to them, and they knew they couldn’t rely solely on the traditional time it takes to create a blog, to create traction, and build an audience. They had to get creative in the online space and offer multiple…

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