How to Determine Whether TikTok Influencer Marketing Is Good for Your Business

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Everyone’s on social media, but not everyone is on every platform. That’s true for individuals and it’s also true for brands — or at least it should be.

Because we all have a finite amount of time, money and energy resources available to promote our businesses, we have to make decisions on which platforms are a fit and on how we allocate our resources.

TikTok is among the newest social platforms, especially for Gen Z. If everyone’s talking about it, does that mean you and your business should feel compelled to start posting and building influencer marketing relationships there as well?

Ask yourself these questions as you decide.

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1. Is your ideal customer active on TikTok?

Who does your brand appeal to? With some of the newer social platforms, there’s a sharp delineation between audiences.

For example, while the…

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