How to Get Certified as a Minority-Owned Small Business

Certification Process. Most providers charge a fee for a certification that lasts two years. The steps to becoming a certified minority-owned business include:

  • Completing a business profile on the relevant provider’s application platform.
  • Uploading supporting documents.
  • Hosting a site visit.
  • A 30- to 90-day review process by the relevant committee.
  • Eligibility. Small businesses that are considered eligible include:

    • 51 percent minority- or disabled-owned.
    • Proof of permanent residency or citizenship.
    • Legal for-profit entity in the U.S.
    • Home-based businesses as well as those in offices and retail spaces.

    Documents Typically Required. The documents required by the different certification providers varies. Typically, during the certification process, small-business owners are asked to provide:

    • Financial documents,…

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