How to think about business stories creatively and inclusively — Quartz

What even is a business story?

The third webinar in Quartz’s series on “A Better Kind of Business Journalism” focused on approaching business stories in non-traditional ways, from uncovering stories about underrepresented communities to exploring social inequities.

Quartz’s business journalism seminars are geared towards early-career reporters and editors, and focus on the fundamentals of business journalism, how the industry is changing, and how we can make the field more accessible to both journalists and audience.

The panelists included Samanth Subramanian, Quartz’s future of capitalism reporter, Esmé E. Deprez, a senior investigative reporter at Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek, and Eshe Nelson, a business and economics reporter at the New York Times. The event was moderated by Quartz executive editor Kira Bindrim.

“The way journalism has been done has historically been limiting, and tends to focus on smaller groups of people and…

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