How Your Construction Business Can Win More RFPs with a PR Partner

When a construction project is controversial, a good PR agency can create a promotion plan that is transparent and inclusive, helping the community to feel they are part of the project.

Ripley PR

Business, organization and government requests for proposals (RFPs) come in all shapes and sizes. Some are extremely detailed with pages and pages of requirements and others can be much simpler. As a construction business, how you respond to RFPs can make or break your chances of winning that contract.

This is especially so when the construction project is one that could be a very long and drawn-out endeavor, or that might be controversial in the community. Construction company responses to RFPs give the details about the company’s ability and technical skills that pertain to the project. But adding other expertise from previous projects and communicating a partnership with an accomplished construction public relations agency could help clinch a deal….

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