‘I feel they need me here’: Do small businesses want to stick around downtown Portland?

As Portland emerges from the pandemic, there is no shortage of people speculating whether the city’s downtown will re-emerge with it.

That’s especially true of the area’s small business owners, who want to know if they can expect their old customers and tourists to return to the city’s economic hub — or if maybe they should start thinking about moving elsewhere.

OPB is tracking the recovery of downtown as the city comes out of the pandemic. Last week, we looked at the question of how people are measuring the challenges facing downtown.

This week, we’re looking at another basic question: After a year unlike any other, do the small businesses that survived want to stick around?

We examined one downtown street where many business owners are asking that question — and everyone seems to be arriving at a different conclusion.

In J Coffee, in Portland, June 8, 2021, is located on the Park Blocks near Portland State University. At the start of the…

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