I’m a gardening expert – eight things to buy at Dollar Tree to make your garden thrive

STARTING a garden can get pretty pricey very fast but you might actually be able to save some money if you know the right place to get your supplies.

In fact, a gardening pro has revealed that gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts shouldn’t sleep on the Dollar Tree.


A gardening expert has revealed the eight things everyone needs to buy at the Dollar TreeCredit: TikTok/thelittlenopales


They only cost $1.25Credit: TikTok/thelittlenopales

A gardening aficionado, who simply goes by The Little Nopales on social media, revealed there are eight things you can get at Dollar Tree that will work just as well as the pricier options.

The expert recommended first getting a cultivator, trowel, and transplanter.

You can use the cultivator for moving soil that’s already been broken up, the trowel to dig and remove weeds, and finally, the transplanter to plant seeds and transplant them to a bigger soil bed as they grow.

On top of that, you will want to get shears and…

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