In Pro-Business Texas, Can Abbott Ban ‘Vaccine Passport’ Requirements For Customers?

From Texas Standard:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a measure into law this week that makes it illegal for private businesses to require patrons to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

For some, the moved seemed controversial in a state known for its pro-business stance. It has also led to some complications for businesses like cruise ship operators that are concerned about following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, traveling to ports with different COVID-19 rules and having unvaccinated people on a vessel.

University of Houston business law professor Dietrich von Biedenfeld told Texas Standard that Abbott does have the authority to bar so-called vaccine passports. That’s because federal law only goes as far as allowing businesses to require vaccinations from their employees – not their patrons.

“One of the challenges is the federal government’s failure to come up with a national or…

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