Increasing clean energy and resilience for all Tampanians benefits our business ecosystem

Tampa is among the fastest-growing cities with community leaders and public officials who have a compelling and inclusive vision for the future, and even a Super Bowl title, back-to-back Stanley Cup championships and an American League pennant.

Our community is looking ahead by prioritizing investments presented by the clean-energy economy. By making resiliency a top priority, Florida’s business networks can ensure that the state’s business environment remains strong well into the future. As we make these investments, we must also uphold the highest standards of diversity, equity and inclusion, ensuring that improvements — from weatherization and improving home insulation to EV-charging stations and the redevelopment of brownfields — benefit everyone in our local communities, especially the historically underserved.

Nicholas Glover [ Provided ]

Clean energy and resilience have become integral measures of a region’s overall competitiveness….

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