Indian mega-corp Tata unveils surprise 5G networking business • The Register

Indian mega-conglomerate the Tata Group has revealed it’s created a 5G networking kit business.

The company on Monday announced it has built an “O-RAN-based Radio & NSA/SA Core and has integrated a totally indigenous telecom stack”.

Indian mobile carrier Airtel, which boasts over 340 million subscribers, will make Tata’s offering a part of its 5G rollout, starting with a pilot in early 2022.

Tata operates 30 different companies spanning industries including tourism, steel-making, chemicals and, in a role probably more familiar to The Register readers, IT services with its Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) operation.

TCS will implement the kit, which Tata reckons won’t strain the services outfit’s capabilities seeing as so much of the 5G core is software-defined.

Tata stated that once Airtel has proven its 5G kit in action,…

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