Inflated prices disrupts a buzzing business on Staten Island

Igor Yakovlev’s company is quite the buzz on Staten Island.

He started Beezy Beez Honey about seven years ago.

“We produce local raw honey for New York and we are also CBD manufacturers for different hemp products as well,” said Yakovlev.

What You Need To Know

  • Igor Yakovlev says inflated prices caused by the pandemic are starting to impact his profits
  • Yakovlev has changed the way he’s packaged products due to increased prices
  • Brooklyn College Economics Professor Merih Uctum says lockdowns across the world have caused disruption to the global supply chain

As COVID-19 made its way through the city and restrictions began, Beezy Beez was considered essential, so it was business as usual for Igor. But he started facing some challenges six months into the pandemic.

“That’s when you started to see issues with supply chains, issues with ingredients,” Yakovlev explained. “Those are big bulk warehouses so they are also getting it from…

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