Injunction blocks new Tennessee law that requires anti-trans signs on business bathrooms / LGBTQ Nation

A federal judge has granted an injunction requested by the ACLU on behalf of two businesses and an individual suing the state of Tennessee and state officials over a recently enacted law that would require any “building or facility open to the general public” to post signage if they allow transgender people access to the bathroom that cisgender people use.

The law will not be in effect until the entire litigation is complete and a federal judge issues a decision on its constitutionality.

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Two weeks after the ACLU first asked for the injunction, U.S. District Court Judge Aleta A. Trauger for the Middle District of Tennessee granted it while the lawsuit against the legislation proceeds.

The law, passed as House Bill 1182, requires businesses to post signs that read, “This facility has a policy of allowing the use of restrooms by either…

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