Jen’s Artisan Breads is building a budding business in Mount Morris

MOUNT MORRIS (WREX) — Baking bread is a hobby many people took up during the pandemic, but its a way of life for one Mt. Morris woman.

“I’ve always been a baker ever since I was probably a teenager,” says Jennifer Koertner, owner of Jen’s Artisan Breads.

“When my daughters went to school full-time, I needed to do something to supplement income to the household, so I started cleaning houses. One of my first customers gave me a book and I started baking bread and reading.”

“I signed up for the local farmers market and the rest is history; I’ve been baking madly since.”

Since opening the business in 2013, Koertner’s channeled her creative talents into the art of bread making. Turning water, flour and yeast into a rising business

Koertner says the community reception is greater than she ever imagined.

In fact, it’s been so good, her breads are carried in five different markets and restaurants across Ogle and Lee Counties.

“I am constantly…

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