Lack of dollars, high inflation and debt payments, the challenges of the economy in the second semester

The second part of the year has already begun and the Government is preparing to face the test electoral while the economy continues to suffer the effects of the pandemic. This week, the Indec published the activity data for the month of April, which showed a monthly drop of 1.2%. On the debt side, the agreement with the Paris Club anticipates that the new program with the IMF will be delayed until 2022. On the exchange front, the blue dollar overheated in the last days of June and put the House on alert Pink

Analysts assure that there are three challenges that, far from dissipating, will intensify in the remainder of the year. Among them, the main ones will be:

  • The lower income of trade dollars and the growing tension in the parallel market.
  • The inflation persistent.
  • The debt in pesos, for demanding maturities; Y in dollars, due to the absence of news in the negotiations with the IMF.

Less dollars will arrive and more will be spent

The tension…

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