LaGrange woman survives being shot, recovers and starts insurance business – LaGrange Daily News

A tragic event threatened to change a young LaGrange woman’s life forever, but it didn’t stop her from achieving success. At 23-years -old, shooting survivor Dezirea Skye owns Amtec Insurance Group, according to a press release from the City of LaGrange Housing Authority. LHA emphasized that Skye is a former resident of Benjamin Harvey Hill Apartments, which are now called The Phoenix.

At age 18, Skye had just graduated from LaGrange High School. Not knowing that her family had planned a surprise party for her, she went to another one.

“During that time in LaGrange, gang violence was really, really bad,” Skye said.

Skye had just arrived when violence erupted at the party.

She jumped into her friend’s car. A stray bullet went through her shoulder and hit her face, breaking her jaw in two places.

“Where I was was a one-way, so there was only one way in and one way out,” she said. “So, we [were…

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