Large UP businesses look to increase population, boost economy

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Large businesses from Upper Michigan are looking to boost the economy.

Speakers at Thursday’s U.P. CEO Summit want to bring more people to the area permanently. InvestUP said this could improve Upper Michigan’s economy.

“As we heard here today there are certainly some challenges, but there’s even greater reason to be optimistic,” CEO Marty Fittante said.

Fittante said record tourist numbers prove the U.P. is a desirable place to visit. The problem is getting people to live there permanently.

He added that one solution to bring in more residents is to retain graduates from Upper Michigan’s community colleges and universities.

“We are losing population in the Upper Peninsula,” Fittante said. “We have 21,000 higher education students across the Upper Peninsula and we have got to figure out a way to transition those kids from being students, to living locally.”

InvestUP Board Member Bob Mahaney said retaining a…

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