Latina boutique owner sees gap in business diversity, aims to close it

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – A Latina boutique owner is working to close the gaps for underrepresented populations within the Waco business community, including Hispanics and women.

“It’s important to have diversity in our economics,” said Sthefanie Welch, owner of the Black Daisy boutiques.

Welch’s mother immigrated from Honduras to the United States.

“My mom is a cosmetologist, owned her own business for a while, passed that entrepreneurial little bug to me and taught me how to chase the dream in America,” said Welch.

Originally from Los Angeles, she says Waco wasn’t a ‘culture shock’…it was a ‘lack of culture, shock.’

”I’ve always come from places that are melting pots with all kinds of people and walks of life, so it was hard at first, I think when I first moved to Waco I was surprised at how not-diverse it was.” said Welch. “I came in 2016, and I’ve seen a lot of big growth in that area, it’s a lot more diverse than when…

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