Laurel business owner donates air conditioning to Billings animal shelter struggling to keep homeless pets cool

BILLINGS- At the Help for Homeless animal shelter in Billings, things are cooling off, even in the extreme heat after a generous donation from Patriot Heating and Cooling, based in Laurel.

Back in June, Ashley Burling told MTN News the shelter staff and volunteers were trying everything they could to keep the animals inside comfortable when temperatures reached over 100 degrees for consecutive days.

With the donations of fans and some creative work with sprinklers outside, they managed to do what they could to keep the animals cool.

But Burling says, once the story ran, their phones started ringing off the hook and donations started pouring in.

“We’re very blessed to have the community,” she said.

That’s because, in addition to all the outpouring of support from the community, Jason Linday, the owner of Patriot Heating and Cooling, stepped up in a major way with the donation of air conditioning units.

“I walked in there and I mean it was probably…

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