Lessons Learned – Avoiding The Fundraising Errors That Can Sink A Business

Helena Murphy, founder of Raising Partners

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There are times when things fall into place just a little too easily. You start a business and customers come knocking on the door from day one. You need to raise some capital and your first pitch to investors is a rip-roaring success. Everything goes according to the script – even if, frankly, you didn’t do a huge amount of planning.  

But what happens when things go wrong? The problem with effortless success is that it doesn’t really prepare you for some of the problems that inevitably arise further down the line.   

That was the experience of  Helena Murphy. As founder of Edinburgh-based Raising Partners, an investment support firm set up to guide founders through the long-haul of fundraising. To date, the company has helped 110  clients raise around £30 million in rounds from Seed to Series B. 

But as Murphy acknowledges her own early success…

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