Lewiston cremation business customers still trying to find loved ones’ remains, says state

LEWISTON – When Joan Bouchard died last November with her family by her side, the survivors would never have imagined they’d need to phone the police to find her body.

But after turning her over to Affordable Cremations Solutions of Lewiston, a business whose license has since been suspended, that’s exactly what son Troy Bouchard wound up doing.

Joan Bouchard Provided

“They grabbed my mother’s body,” Bouchard said Thursday, and days went by while they dodged his calls about retrieving her remains and securing a death certificate.

He said he finally got so frustrated that he called the Lewiston police to ask for “a welfare check on a dead body,” a dramatic twist on a routine request for officers to see if somebody who can’t be reached is doing OK.

Bouchard said the police called and were told that everything was fine. But he still doubted it.

He said he phoned the business again and asked the person who answered the phone, “What…

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