LGBTQ businesses survive, but not without community support

ORLANDO, Fla. — Starting a business is a challenge, daunting for many, let alone those who face extra barriers just because of who they are.

“Our LGBTQ community is fierce, strong,” said Blue Star, “Supportive in terms of business, for sure. Because it’s hard.”

What You Need To Know

  • LGBTQ businesses have established a Pride Chamber in Orlando
  • Advocates say businesses run by LGBTQ owners run into problems getting funding
  • They urge people to consider patronizing LGBTQ-owned businesses

Eight months ago, amid the pandemic, Star took over the Church Street space which housed the Orlando City Soccer Club-themed restaurant, Lions Pride. 

She opened up HAOS on Church across from the historic train station, hanging pride flags alongside gas street lamps.

HAOS inside is more than a restaurant and bar, but a space for performers and a safe haven for the LGBTQ community. 

As drinks splash and food whizzes out the kitchen, aerialists swing on hoops…

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