Lightfoot to try again to speed up approval of business signs

Mayor Lori Lightfoot will try again to streamline sign approval one month after suffering her first City Council defeat on the issue of aldermanic prerogative, which has divided her and Chicago aldermen since Day One.

At the request of the mayor’s office, License Committee Chairman Emma Mitts (37th) has filed a so-called “Rule 41” declaring her intention to discharge from committee at Wednesday’s Council meeting the stalled portion of Lightfoot’s pandemic relief package dealing with sign permits and other items that invade traditional aldermanic turf.

Last month, the City Council voted 25-24 to separate out that portion of the mayor’s kitchen-sink package.

It would shave up to two months off the 150-day wait for business permits, signs and awnings by ending the long-standing practice of requiring a separate ordinance for each public way permit.

Downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) led his colleagues in the sign rebellion, arguing that…

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