Local bars see dip in business on away-game days

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Many Lincoln bars look forward to husker football season. The season usually means more customers and money, but not necessarily during away games.

Businesses don’t get much traffic during away games, so they adjust their strategies on away days.

Captain Jack’s, located in downtown Lincoln, is usually packed on home game days.

“Away games are a lot less,” said Leann Doyle, the manager and lead bartender. “You don’t see the travelers in town. There’s not a lot of people coming down.”

On away game days like Saturday, it’s typical to see only one bartender working and less than a handful of people grabbing a drink.

“When you’ve got a good crowd in and people are feeling comfortable, your bartender is going to make good money, we’re going to have 2-3 people on shift,” said Doyle.

The Press Box, at 56th and Hwy 2 said they feel the same impact.

“We get a really good crowd for home games,” said John Larsen, the…

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