Local Businesses Hope The MLB All-Star Game Will Kick Start Their Bottom Lines After The Pandemic

It’s out-of-towners that splurge on hotels and upscale dinners, he said, and that cohort is especially difficult to model this year. And there’s another unknown: The All-Star Game means spending time in large crowds. While people are traveling again, some might not be ready for that, he said. 

“There are some people who are reluctant to get into crowds and other people who are incredibly excited about getting into crowds, so it’s tough to forecast,” Clouse said.

There’s no hard data available yet on how many people are actually going to descend on Denver for the festivities, but a quick scan of downtown hotel inventory shows that many are sold out in the days leading up to the game. 

Hart Van Denburg/CPR NewsJim Pittenger, who owns Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs in his Denver’s LoDo neighborhood, on July 7, 2021

Even if the economic impact is hard to predict, people are definitely excited. Jim Pittenger owns Biker Jim’s, a gourmet hot…

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