Local chef offers unique pop-up dinner parties through her business

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Natalie Treviño started in the food industry in 2010, attending culinary school in Austin. After graduating, Treviño became a private chef, cooking for families in their homes.

When her grandmother was diagnosed with celiac disease, which meant she couldn’t eat gluten, Treviño started cooking for her.

“I would cook for her, and I would make sure that everything that she ever wanted, she could have, with celiac disease, I made everything from her favorites gluten-free,” Treviño said. “We would do dinner parties on Saturday nights, way too much food, and way too much wine, and have a great time, and I missed those dinner parties when she passed away.”

After her Oma’s passing, Treviño tried to get a job at various restaurants and had no such luck. Eventually, she had an idea to host a dinner party at Oma’s.

“I set up a really beautiful table in her backyard, I created an amazing menu, I emailed, Facebooked,…

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