Local Hispanic business owners share their stories during Hispanic Heritage Month

As part of our Hispanic Heritage Month coverage, we celebrate members of the Erie community.

This month we are sharing stories of several local Hispanic business owners.

One business owner moved to Erie in the 1980’s and incorporated his Hispanic Heritage into his work while opening a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Erie.

Another business owner moved to Erie in 2007 with hopes of creating a wood working business. He said that there are resources in Erie that helped get his small business up and running.

Armando Reyes is the owner of Lake Erie Woodworks, a custom wood working business on West 12th Street.

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He said that in 2007 he moved from Chicago to Erie in search of opportunities as his grandparents did when they immigrated from Mexico to the United States in the 1950’s.

“They sort of put their family in the best position possible and my parents did the same…

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