Make Your Annapolis-Based Business More Appealing to a Buyer, Six Critical Steps

I understand that there is a lot of (unnecessary) trepidation around selling your business coming off a pandemic year. Again, there should not be because there is a low supply of inventory and buyers are willing to accept 2019 valuations if they see the data trending back towards those numbers. But whenever you want to sell your business, whether it is today, in 3 years, or in 30 years – and no matter what industry you are in, consider these 6 steps to make your business as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Step 1: Work with a Broker

Obviously, if you are an Annapolis-based business, I hope that that is me.  But even if it is not me, find a broker that you like and trust and work with them. Someone in my profession is best equipped to make sure that:

  • Your business is accurately priced to move, and you are neither leaving money on the table NOR pricing yourself out of a sale
  • Help you discretely market your business without giving away…

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