Max Abmas Returns To ORU Eager To Learn & Take Care Of Business

Oral Roberts University guard Max Abmas could have turned pro and stayed in this year’s NBA draft. 

However, the nation’s leading scorer last season said returning to the Golden Eagle program was important to him – and there’s a lot of unfinished business.

Abmas’ decision to return to ORU or stay in the NBA draft was not an easy one. He said it was the relationship with head coach Paul Mills and the roster they have put together that ultimately convinced him to return to Tulsa.

“I built a good relationship with the coaching staff over the last couple of years even when they recruited me, they really loved me and wanted me to come in. The team too, I think the coaches built a team that’s talented and dedicated that definitely could win,” said Abmas.

Abmas said while he’s glad he explored the draft, he still has aspects of his game to work on.

“It was a good learning experience and I take that in what I learned and use that for next year,” said,…

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