McDonald’s Manager Lost an Eye After Rake Attack by Ex-Employee’s Dad

  • A McDonald’s manager lost an eye after being attacked by an ex-employee’s dad, KPLR reported.
  • The victim was beaten with a 5-foot-long rake and now wears a prosthetic eye.
  • A Missouri man has been found guilty of the attack and is facing 30 years in prison.
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A Missouri man faces 30 years in prison after he was found guilty of attacking a McDonald’s manager with a rake. The victim subsequently lost an eye and now wears a prosthetic one, KPLR reported. 

The incident, which took place in Chesterfield, Missouri, on January 9, 2019, occurred after a dispute involving the defendant, Kendell Cooks, who said his daughter was fired by the manager in question. 

There has been a recent uptick in violent attacks taking place at fast-food and drink chains. This month,…

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