Meet Harvard Business School’s MBA Class Of 2023

Harvard People.

That’s an insult in some corners. The term comes with certain associations. Privileged preps. Self-absorbed showoffs. Cutthroats and corporate climbers. Master of the universe swagger with can’t-be-questioned credentials. The establishment elites who’ve seen it all from the comfort of a penthouse.

Forget the secret handshakes and mysterious symbols. Harvard People aren’t much different than anyone else. They grew up on farms and served in the military like their parents. They are never-quit overachievers and first generation strivers who earned everything they got.  That’s especially true at Harvard Business School. These Harvard People may someday become our power brokers and influencers. That’s a sign of hope because today they are chasing purpose over stature, channeling their ambitions towards creating what’s needed and fixing what’s broken.


That’s the real differentiator. Harvard MBAs may…

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