Midland Business Alliance Helping Bring Vaccine Clinics to Local Businesses

The Midland Business Alliance is working with local businesses to make it easier for their employees to get vaccinated.

The Business Alliance, along with Mid-Michigan Health and the Midland County Health Department are now offering to host vaccine clinics on-site at companies.

Doctors will also be on hand to answer any questions employees may have about the vaccine.

The business alliance says they hope the partnership will help get the county closer to the 70 percent vaccination point.

“We really knew that getting as many people vaccinated as possible was key to reopening our economy and some of our companies, especially ones that are further from the city center were having some problems with people having to take time off work or travel time,” said Jenny Bruzewski, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for the Midland Business Alliance

The alliance is also offering $25 gift cards to local restaurants to anyone vaccinated…

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