Move into nature and be soothed and healed

Move into nature and be soothed and healed

As urban centres spread their borders, chewing up green and undeveloped land, one company has realised something. Despite all the conveniences and advantages of living in a thriving metropolis like Bangkok, there is more than a little value in a return to living amid nature — in fact, there is magic!

Combining the best of modern, sophisticated urban living and a rural setting is The Forestias, a 398-rai (64-hectare) development located on Bang Na-Trat Road in Bangkok.

In consultation with leading global experts, from diverse fields such as architecture & design, healthcare and even theme park design, the owners have created a rural retreat within a city of more than 10 million people, designed to nourish the physical and mental wellbeing of its residents, ensuring their homes and lifestyles are integrated with the natural world around them.

Spread beneath a green canopy of indigenous trees, the multi-use The Forestias also recognises the varied and diverse requirements of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Generation Z. Also crucial is the importance of family, which is not to be treated as some fad or trend. With that in mind, on top of creating a network of residences that reflects the priorities and behaviours of all age-groups, The Forestias also maintains and encourages familial links by connecting the various residential zones with pathways, cycle tracks and a ‘Canopy Walk’ — an elevated 1.6-kilometre path through the lush The Forestias grounds — inspired by the belief that by living closer to the natural world we become healthier, happier human beings.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.

Designed for young people who may have just entered the workforce and are reaping the rewards of gainful employment and financial independence, as well as young married couples and families, Whizdom is a three building condominium within The Forestias that is fun, fresh and funky — ideal for ambitious, design-conscious professionals who know how to have fun and relax in style. Whizdom features seven different layouts, ranging from 35sqm to 205sqm.

A happy family is paradise

Mulberry Grove Condominiums are a set of six low-rise residences (63-1,027 sqm), set deep and snug into the bucolic scenery, providing residents a sense of calm and serenity more often associated with the pastoral delights of country living. Featuring eye-catching contemporary design and modern facilities, the condos epitomise the concept of a sustainable, multigenerational, luxury living space and boast quiet private areas as well as warm and hospitable public spaces for socialising and entertaining.

Alongside the Mulberry Grove Condominiums, The Forestias has also developed the Mulberry Grove Villa concept — an inspirational set of 37 homes with a choice of four to six bedrooms, in sizes from 1,000sqm to 1,600sqm — purpose-built for large, extended, multi-generational families who wish to live close together but in multiple homes. Even better, each home can be altered and reconfigured to the unique needs of each family.

Life is about living

For more mature residents, who place a premium on health and wellbeing, The Aspen Tree residences have been designed to incorporate the specialised requirements of the elderly, providing lifetime care to maintain each individual’s physical and mental health. Furthermore, inhabitants’ day-to-day routines can be enhanced through the provision of healthcare programmes and access to expert consultations on how to maximise and adapt to their changing lifestyles while preserving a high standard of stylish living.

The residences are available in two types, ‘Active Living Condominiums’ and ‘Sky Villa Residences’, both of which have a full range of facilities and access to full-service specialised healthcare.

The developers have focused on designing every aspect of the project to promote healthier and happier living. In addition to the multiple residential components, The Forestias includes commercial space for offices, a sports complex, lifestyle and family entertainment facilities, retail spaces, food & beverage outlets and a Town Centre for community activities and cultural pursuits. There is also a family centre, a theatre, an event hall, and multiple markets.

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