Muskegon Floral Co. closing on ‘good note’ after 98 years in business

MUSKEGON, MI – After nearly a century of providing fresh flowers to the community, Muskegon Floral Co., is is officially closing its doors on Saturday.

Owner Jane Buthker plans to retire after working 40 years at the shop and greenhouse, located at 1459 Pine St.

“It’s been a great business, and we’ve been so blessed with wonderful customers. Let’s end on a positive, good note,” she said.

Buthker married into the family-run business and led operations when her husband, Bill Buthker, died nearly four years ago.

“It’s been a real honor to do that,” Buthker said. “My in-laws, because I worked with them, they were upright, honest people. They did good work, for a good price and they were proud of what they did.”

Bill Buthker’s grandfather opened Muskegon Floral Co. in 1923 when he bought eight greenhouses in the McLaughlin neighborhood.

In those early days of the business, an employee would stoke the coal-powered steam boilers overnight…

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