Nearly $10K stolen from small Franklin County business owner’s account

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – This isn’t the way anyone wants to start off their Christmas Eve morning. A small business owner is trying to track down thousands of missing dollars from his bank account.

Jeremy Parker has always had a passion for at. He opened “Unique Memories & Gifts” in 2014 to give the community a place to express themselves.

In giving to others, he never thought someone would take from him.

“This is a true story,” Parker says. “The Grinch stole Christmas.”

Parker woke up to several notifications from his bank. Someone else was using his card and spending big, $10,000 gone. Trying to get a hold of someone that can help on Christmas Eve hasn’t been easy.

“It’s hard-earned money. We’re not a big company. We’re a small business,” he adds. “That money feeds our family, pays the rent here.”

Instead of trying to take care of this problem, Parker continues to put others first. As the place in town that sells meaningful…

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