New businesses moving in as Roanoke wraps Melrose neighborhood revitalization project

ROANOKE, Va. – Some new businesses are beginning to crop up in Roanoke’s Melrose neighborhood. This comes as a six-year revitalization program is coming to an end.

While city leaders said it will be a few years before they can truly measure success, one new business owner said it made all the difference in where he decided to open up shop.

Darren Wiggins owns Jersey Water Ice on 11th Street. He brings a taste of his hometown, Atlantic City, NJ, to Roanoke with water ice and hoagies. He moved to the area about a decade ago and said he was excited to open his business in the neighborhood despite other businesses continually passing it over.

“Northwest has welcomed Jersey Water Ice with open arms, this community is the community that we live in,” Wiggins said.

Keith Holland is the community resources program administrator for Roanoke City. A large map is taped up on a wall in his office downtown. It’s full of pins and each one represents success in…

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