New outdoor cycling studio hires laid off instructors

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Cycling instructors who lost their jobs after their employer went out of business are getting back to work.

A new outdoor cycling studio called Skycycle hired at least eight former employees of Flywheel Sports in Charlotte.

Flywheel, which offered indoor cycling and barre classes, filed for bankruptcy last year.

Owner Jennifer Dufresne taught at Flywheel for eight years. She purchased the bikes and equipment left at the Flywheel studio after the business closed.

“We took the idea of not necessarily opening a cycle studio first but actually getting the bikes first and the studio concept after that,” Dufresne said.

Skycycle is held on a rooftop and riders listen to cues from instructors and music through noise canceling headphones.

Sarah Pitts, a former Flywheel instructor, is excited to do live classes again.

“We taught on Zoom this whole past year but teaching live is so different. You will see the energy and just the…

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