New venue space opens in West Long Beach as ‘business hub’ for local entrepreneurs

Noel Russell IV, left, and Myesia Lowery, right, share a laugh outside their event venue, Children of the Avenues in West Long Beach on Thursday, June 17, 2021. Photo by Crystal Niebla.

After several years of pressing designs on hundreds of sweaters and creating other goods for sale, Myesia Lowery, 31, and Noel Russell IV, 36, said their Los Angeles area homes began to look more like workshops than places to live.

Lowery then noticed a for-rent sign on a newly painted building on Willow Street in West Long Beach, and when the rent dropped to something she could afford, she urged her cousin, Russell, who lives in Watts, to come take a look.

After seeing the space, he agreed to take their business venture—which consists of a little bit of everything, from making soap to juice and clothing—to the next level, and the two opened their doors about a month ago.

Though they still make goods and provide services (they also cook and sell…

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