New York employers prep for post-pandemic era | Business

Getting back to typical operating conditions is imperative for businesses that have struggled through 15 months of restrictions, Biryla said.

“For small independent businesses, these summer months are critical for their bottom line,” he said.

The hospitality industry in destination locations such as Niagara Falls, the communities along Lake Champlain and Cooperstown was hammered last summer, when the vaccines now available were still in the testing phase.

The shortage of job applicants has forced some businesses to trim their hours, noted Assemblyman Angelo Morinello, R-Niagara Falls. He suggested government leaders consider supplementing the incomes of those who take jobs as opposed to those now getting the added federal checks for being without jobs.

“We’ve got to incentivize going back to work, not incentivize not working,” Morinello said.

Kerbein said the labor shortage is so acute in New York it has emerged as “a barrier that is holding up…

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