Newton business owner invests in 2 boys wanting to mow lawns for the summer

NEWTON, Kan. (KWCH) – Two Newton boys are looking to make extra money this summer.

Gabriel and Allen decided they wanted to mow law in their town, but they ran into a problem — the 10-year-olds did not have a lawnmower.

One hot day, the boys stopped at a shop and asked if they could mow the business’ lawn. The owner said it was too hot, but if they came back the next day, she’d let them mow. Vik Boucher said the next day, the boys showed up, but they didn’t have a mower. She said that’s when she made a phone call to her husband.

She said she was encouraged by the boys who said they didn’t want to be indoors being coach potatoes or on TikTok.

“My husband and I would see these boys as part of a group walking to the creek down the street to go fishing almost daily- it was more than obvious that these are just a couple of kids trying to make some summer money for the swimming pool and maybe a new fishing pole!” Said Boucher in a post on…

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