No Regerts removes more than tattoos

This article is part of Business Buzz, a series designed to feature small businesses that make a big impact on the community. Participants featured will include the locally-owned businesses that make up the fabric of Big Rapids and the surrounding area.

BIG RAPIDS — Regretting a tattoo is a regular occurrence and getting them removed used to be impossible, but advancements in laser technology have allowed doctors to get rid of them with relatively ease.

No Regerts Tattoo Removal in Big Rapids is one business that helps individuals with this issue on a daily basis and utilize a high tech laser to fade tattoos in sessions, as well as using the technology to address other skin conditions.

A physician-operated specialty clinic, No Regerts was founded in 2020 by podiatrist Dr. Jeff Mossel, who serves as the business’ medical director and oversees all treatments.

All of the laser technicians at No Regerts…

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